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Lighthouse projects sprl


Translation & Revision

Lighthouse projects sprl offers translation and revision services for professional, technical, legal and creative texts from the world of business - from and into all the common European, Asian, Nordic, Slavic and Latin American languages.

Lighthouse projects sprl insists on close collaboration with the contact people and/or end users in order to gather a good understanding the context of the work, the required tone, any specialised vocabulary and the specific style of the industry.

Our translation partners only translate into their mother tongue and work in one or more specialist fields.

All translations are then checked by a second translator to assure the quality, comprehension and consistency of the text produced.

Project management

Lighthouse projects sprl can also manage your translation projects from start to finish: we analyse the files, convert them into translatable formats, send them to competent translators/revisers and return them to their original format afterwards. We can also provide page layout services if required.

Thanks to our structure and our database of translators, we can offer you a fast, flexible and personalised service at a competitive price.

Lighthouse projects sprl works with many translation tools, including SDL Trados, Studio, Idiom, Passolo, Loc Studio and so on.

Download our general presentation brochure to find out more about our project management services.


Lighthouse projects sprl can also help you write your documents, brochures and newsletters, etc.

Language courses

Would you like to improve your knowledge of French and/or Dutch or are you a beginner? Does your child need help preparing for French or Dutch exams or a refresher course? Lighthouse projects sprl can offer you courses in both these languages. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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